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So I was walking in the mall the other day and there were a ton of “back to school” specials. Everywhere I looked there were mechanical pencils (sorry wooden #2), those cow patterned composition notepads (because any other design is not cool), graphing calculators (obviously to play tetris), and binders (because every teacher is “nice” enough to remember to hole-punch handouts) on display in the display window. Those who have worked in retail know that the display window is the most sacred. Why oh WHY would school supplies and “school fashion” be there? Other than trying to abide to the trends of the season, I’d like to think it has to  with something called education —  and not just any plain ed-ju-mah-cation, but knowledge of the world and its surroundings to be a more well-rounded and informed human being. In fact, let me dish out a logic chain… if knowledge is power and power pushes boundaries and propels us forward, then Spider Man WAS right! With great power [knowledge] comes GREAT responsibility. Honestly, I can’t believe it took 2 of the most iconic and cliche sayings to figure that one out. (Seriously though, if Spider Man was a teacher, every kid would be excited to go to school and work hard)


Nonetheless delve into some of these content updates and absorb the knowledge of the industry!




Little girl: “Mom! Today I was punished for something I didn’t do! It was so unfair because I was the only one

Mom: “What? Oh my gosh! That is not cool. I will have to email the teacher! What didn’t you do that the teacher punished you about?”

Little girl: “My homework”

(Haha been there, done that…)



Teacher: Bill you failed your test. Are you sure you studied?

Bill: I thought that I didn’t need to!

Teacher: What do you mean?

Bill: I ate Smartfood popcorn. Drank Smartwater. And finally popped in some smarties.

Teacher: I think you may have eaten some DumDums too… (oof that burns)







Developing Bruce Lee-Inspired Crime Drama “Warrior” From Justin Lin Lin Bruce Lee

–        Justin Lin makes a deal with Cinemax to develop a drama series called Warrior inspired by the writings of the “Enter The Dragon” (Bruce Lee).

–        Warrior revolves around a gifted but morally corrupt fighter for vengeance

–        Apparently the Late Bruce Lee spent years scripting and writing Warrior through handwritten notes of the concept for the series.

–        His daughter brought the idea to Cinemax, in which Cinemax seized the opportunity


Andre Holland Talks “The Knick” and Learning From Steven Soderbergh Andre Holland Talks 'The Knick' and

  • Even though Andre Holland’s life is over a century removed from Dr. Algernon Edwards, the character he plays on Cinemax’s “The Knick,” he says they share a deep connection: “That sense of not quite fitting in necessarily in the white world, but not feeling like I fit in the black world (either) and having to find my own secret place to work or to live in.”
  • Filming the 10 episode first season was an exhilarating challenge for the thesp, not least of which because he was working with Oscar winning filmmaker Steven Soderbergh.


 Go _ Playstation4

  • Premium cable nets HBO and Showtime are coming to internet-connected devices and services
  • The HBO Go app for Sony’s PlayStation 4 will be available to download later Tuesday, according to the game-console maker
  • Comcast said Tuesday that the MSO’s customers can now stream live feeds of HBO and Cinemax via the Xfinity TV Go service to eligible subscribers
  • Last fall HBO outlined plans to launch a standalone version of its service in 2015, with execs saying they need a way to reach broadband-only homes, and Showtime subsequently said it plans to go the OTT route as well.


HBO was in talks with Apple to make Apple TV a Launch partner for its highly anticipated streaming service of Thrones

  • HBO and streaming partner Major League Baseball Advanced Media are working to have the standalone service, called “HBO Now,” ready to launch in April in conjunction with the premiere of the fifth season of “Game of Thrones,” according to sources familiar with the plan.
  • The retail price is expected to be $15 a month when purchased directly from HBO, or about what consumers pay when they order HBO through their cable, satellite or telco provider.
  • Apple has been most aggressive in courting HBO in a bid to add the service to Apple TV, sources say. Apple TV already carries HBO Go for current HBO subscribers, but it may add a second app for HBO Now.
  • “It’s a premium product, and it will be priced accordingly,” HBO CEO Richard Plepler said during a Time Warner earnings call in February.
  • HBO Go is for TV subscribers to watch their content on devices; HBO Now for those who don’t subscribe via TV.


Bill Simmons Finds a New Home at HBO ""

–        HBO announced that they are going to strike an exclusive TV deal with Simmons that includes video podcasts and a talk show starring him

–        It’s no secret that HBO is the single best place for creative people in the entire media landscape,” and said that while he fielded many offers, “it was hard to imagine being anywhere else.”



You can watch full episodes of HBO’s latest two shows right now for free… on Facebook shutterstock_279895970

-Ballers and The Brink is HBO’s two newest comedy series that will be viewable on Facebook for a limited time.

– It is the first time that HBO is offering free access to full episodes of its programming on the social media platform in order to drum up interest in both the show and the streaming service.

– The partnership, which comes on the heels of the network’s over-the-top streaming service launched in April, also promotes the cord-cutting HBO Now.




Netflix lands Angelina Jolie Pitt to direct new original film


  • The film will begin production later this year, according to a news release, and will be available in Khmer and English for Netflix’s 65 million subscribers.
  • The film will be about the Khmer Rouge regime which killed nearly 2 million Cambodians.
  • The film will be based on a memoir and a survivor of the onslaught



Netflix partners with Dreamworks to create still

  • Dinotrux is a cartoon version of Chris Gall’s popular children’s book series featuring dino-ized construction vehicles and tools aimed at younger kids.
  • It will be debuting on August 14
  • Dinotrux joins a growing stable of DreamWorks Animation properties available for streaming on Netflix such as VeggieTales in the House, the Shrek spin-off The Adventures of Puss in Boots, and the Emmy-winning All Hail King Julien, based on characters from the Madagascar film series.


Netflix Upgrades its TV apps to save a few clicks 

  • When you select a title you want to watch, it will immediately resume or start playing while displaying the key info you need to help you confirm your choice – meaning the title, description, the episode number, your viewing progress, and more.
  • Though it does seem a handy feature when you’re resuming a title you hadn’t yet finished, it’s not always the case that you’ll want to immediately begin streaming any title you click on. Sometimes, you just want to read more about it, or add an item to your Netflix Watchlist for later viewing.
  • it makes more sense. Having titles start playing right away makes Netflix feel more like traditional TV, rather than the on-demand service it actually is




CBS colorizes “I Love Lucy” Lucy LA at Last

  • The network will air the newly colorized episodes
  • It will be colorized but still have a vintage look
  • Modernizing/refurbishing the show allows for the show to fill the gaps of seasons that have finished its course. It can be speculated that this move will draw more viewers to tune in



Following the path of online streaming Comcast-offers-online-video-streaming-service.jpg

  • Comcast is offering its own online video alternative as people spend fewer hours watching live and more time streaming video
  • The service is called “stream” and will only be available to Comcast internet customers for $15/month
  • The service will include Fox, NBC and HBO


Comcast creates a voice controlled remote 

  • You will be able to communicate with your cable box
  • You can communicate with your box in “minionese”
  • For instance you can say certain key words and it will direct you to minion esq things
    • (say banana = minions will talk back while directing you to food programs)
    • This was a way to fascinate kids to use the device


Comic-con re-vamped

-NBC is relying on a combination of existing fans’ nostalgia and the curiosity of audiance who missed the boat the first time around, building a museum of iconic “Heroes” items from the last run of the show, and a first-of-its-kind “4D” interactive experience, where people go inside a booth and realize they have the power of fire, Moore teases.

-The hunger for publicity means that more shows are scrambling to get on Comic-Con’s roster than ever before — even if they fall outside the realm of traditional genre fare.



Releases new show “Younger” With the help of her friend Maggie (Debi Mazar), single mom Liza (Sutton Foster) recasts herself as a 26-year-old in order to get a coveted publishing job. The new TV Land comedy <em>Younger, </em>made by <em>Sex and the City </em>creator Darren Star, premieres March 31.

  • Younger is a show that starts a 26 year old Liza (played by Sutton Foster – 40) who is trying to get back into the job market
  • She does not know how to use technology in the way the millennials know how to use it today
  • However, somehow makes it as an assistant to a fancy New York publisher
  • The leading roles are Sutton Foster and Hilary Duff
  • The show is directed by Sex and the City creator, Darren Star








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